The main menu of Spotifious. It's the typical Alfred window, with entries that indicate Spotify's
          current state. It shows that a Hugh Laurie song is
          playing, and gives an indication that you can type to search. Get Spotifious!
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Taking a look at Spotifious, eh? The natural Spotify controller for Alfred? Well, it’s right here, and I think you’ll like it.

Spotifious makes it fun to use Spotify. It’s smart, fast, and powerful, and installs in 2 minutes. It’s the most natural way to control your music. And my mom thinks it’s pretty cool.


A controller, not a workflow

It's easy to make an Alfred workflow. But keeping it coherent as its power grows? That's hard. Spotifious makes it look easy, no matter what you do.


Of course, Spotifious is also Alfred-like. Spotifious makes sense when you use it. Just start typing to search Spotify. Browse through artists and albums like it's nothing with snappy context-based search, and control Spotify in a way that makes sense. Your frequent searches rise to the top, and your controls are brought to you by the letter c.


Spotify updates with Packal, so you don't have to worry. It gives you a heads-up about what's playing the moment you start it. And don't worry about errors — we'll handle those.