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{ Let's make your dream now. }

Hi, my name is Ben Stolovitz, and I design websites. If you’re just starting out and need help shaping your initial presence on the web, I can help you realize the website of your dreams.

How can I possibly design that? By working closely with you. What seperates me from all the other guys is how I work with my clients. My services extend far beyond web design; I can help you learn how to get around in the world of computing and can even do some initial setup work to help you get started. I may be a little guy in a big pond, but I’m the little guy who works closely with his clients to produce beauty.

Another thing, I’m 16 years-old. A whippersnapper? Maybe, but I’m definitely a strong designer, and my age puts me smack dab in the center of the Internet Age, so I’ve grown up around computers. I’ve been drawing since, well, forever, and I surf the wave of the avante-garde, implementing new technologies as they come out. Working with me is fun, and I always work my hardest to provide the best possible design.

Do I sound good for you? Check out what I’ve done!

I am currently in the beta testing phase of this site. Please report any bugs here.

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